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Brenda Coulter - Her Minnesota Man

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HEARTWARMING RELIGIOUS ROMANCETender, humorous, and thought provoking, this book is one you'll remember long after you've made the final page.Rock celebrity Garcia Bell has simply given his heart to God. Solved to depart his evil lifestyle and keen for training in Christian-Living, he heads home to Owatonna, Minnesota and the lady-next-door heis secretly loved for decades. Dismayed to find Laney Ryland while in the middle of the faith situation, "Jeb" rapidly formulates an agenda: he'll assist Laney get her faith again, and then he'll find her a great Religious man to marry so she could possibly get started on that large household she wishes for.It will not be simple, viewing another man slip a band onto Laneyis hand. But she deserves only the very best, and Jeb way to observe that she gets it.

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