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David Weber - [Honorverse - Companion 01] - House of Steel - BuNine

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The greatest guidebook and friend for the Ny Times best selling Honor Harrington series. A new short Honorverse novel, along with a summation of technology, specifications, and background to accompany the hit series.An all-new Mark Weber Honorverse short novel, I May Develop a Home of Metal, chronicling the first days of the Manticoran Celebrity Empire and the rule of King Roger. Have you actually completed the most recent Honor Harrington book from David Weber and wanted you might remain in Weber’s Honorverse just a little longer?  Now you can with this specific treasure-trove of technology, specifications, and observations on David Weber’s super best selling Honor Harrington series.  Orbital features of crucial planets, regimental purchase of the Royal Navy, backstory on the real history and episode of the Celebrity Kingdom’s delivery and early days—you’ll think it is all here, carefully organized by the Agency 9 Weber study team, and supervised by David Weber herself. About the Honor Harrington series and David Weber: “.

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