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Edward Lee - Header

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“What’s a header?”Fifteen years back, Travis Clyde Tuckton requested that self-same query to his historic grandpa, and the clear answer came in a rampage of sprained bloodlust, lost people, and the absolute most macabre and indescribable act of retribution that individual awareness has actually devised…Now, in these same destitute woods, amongst dilapidated shacks behind whose shabby gates no body dare appear, something a whole lot worse has arrived at curse the property of basic people, a jubilee of murderous perversity and erotic abomination too gruesome to explain. Just the bravery of Travis Tuckton can actually start to set things back once again to rights but, Travis, lo and his grandpa are lengthy dead… Oh, but their relatives aren’t! And it'll be these stout hearted men who'll rise to the situation of the very terrible vengeance in the real history of the backwoods—an eye for an eye, a head for a head! Not really discovered plots, molested corpses, kidnapped kids, and an unspeakable human waste may circumvent the might of right.

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