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Ernest Cline - Ready Player One (ARC)

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At the same time extremely unique and full of amazing nostalgia, PREPARED PARTICIPANT ONE is just a stunningly type-smashing, formidable, and enchanting debut—part mission book, part love story, and part digital space opera occur a galaxy where spell-slinging mages fight giant Japanese programs, whole planets are impressed by Blade Runner, and traveling DeLoreans accomplish lighting speed.It’s the season 2044, and real life is definitely an ugly place. Like the majority of of mankind, Wade W escapes his harsh surroundings by investing his waking hours jacked in to the RETREAT, a vast digital paradise that allows you be something you desire to be, a location where you could stay and perform and fall in love on some of ten-thousand planets. And like the majority of of mankind, Wade desires to be the main one to find out the best lottery solution that lies concealed within this digital world. For someplace inside this large networked playground, RETREAT inventor James Halliday has hidden a number of fiendish questions that may deliver huge fortune—and amazing power—to whomever may uncover them.   For years, millions have fought fruitlessly to achieve this reward, understanding just that Halliday’s riddles are located in the pop-culture he loved—that of the late-twentieth century. And for years, millions have present in this mission another way of escape, retreating into pleased, compulsive research of Halliday’s symbols. Like a lot of his contemporaries, Wade is really as comfy debating the finer details of Steve Hughes’s oeuvre, playing pac man, or saying Devo words as he's scrounging capacity to operate his RETREAT rig.And subsequently Wade stumbles upon the initial puzzle.Suddenly the world is seeing, and a large number of rivals join the hunt—among them particular effective people who're prepared to dedicate really actual homicide to defeat Wade for this reward.

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