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Jared Sandman - Leviathan

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Held hidden from humanity permanently, it's going to surface.'When it increases up, the great are terrified.'After a rash of violent assaults through the Caribbean, marine biologist Kelly Andrews catches proof of a mysterious predator species within the Atlantic.  Something unknown to technology, something entirely new. . . Otherwise anything really old.'It makes the depths spin just like a boiling cauldron and stirs up the sea.'Billionaire Oscar Wright discovers of the marine monster's lifestyle, which he thinks to function as the Scriptural Leviathan.  Driven mad by grief, the old guy devotes his huge fortune to destroy the animal to get a private vendetta, pick its disguise whilst the supreme trophy.'Nothing on the planet is its equivalent -- a person without fear.'Two individual trips competition over the water to obtain the creature.  And when it's eventually situated, one thing becomes obvious:  mankind no further covers the meals cycle.

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