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L'Engle, Madeleine - [Austins 01] - Meet the Austins

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For a family with various cats, two dogs, four children, and a continuing flow of friends and family dropping by, existence within the Austin family house happens to be extremely satisfied and regular. Whenever a family friend suddenly dies in a plane accident, the Austins start their house to an orphaned woman, Maggy Hamilton. The Austin children—Vicky, Steve, Suzy, and Rob—do their finest to be nice and inviting to Maggy.     Vicky knows she must have a pity party for Maggy, but having compassion for Maggy isn't any simple issue. Maggy ruined and is irritable; usually, and she smashes gadgets, gets people in the centre of the night time shouting, attempts research causes mayhem in the Austin home.

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