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Laura Lee Guhrke - Prelude to Heaven

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Several in London culture envy Tess Ridgeway, Countess of Aubry, for getting snared the handsomest, most charming gentleman in England, but after 2 yrs of marriage to the unstable earl, Tess understands there’s nothing charming about her spouse and nothing to envy about her hellish marriage. Eager, scared for her own life and that of her unborn child, Tess controls to flee, running towards the southern coast of France, where she breaks, sick and tired, while in the backyard of the reclusive performer, Alexandre Dumond.Alexandre, who cruelly protects his privacy, resents this fireplace-haired beauty that Destiny has taken to his doorstep. But he can’t change his back on her, and when she suggests as his housekeeper that she is hired by him, Alexandre grudgingly allows her into his individual globe. There, they discover an urgent destination in each other’s hands, but does it last forever?

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