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R Barri Flowers - The Sex Slave Murders- The True Story of Serial Killers Gerald and Charlene Gallego

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A wedding produced in hell,Hardly five-feet high and harmless looking, Charlene Gallego utilized all her charms to lure fairly small schoolgirls in to the back of the truck, where her husband, Gerald, put waiting.A monster pair destined together,Committed six times and still in his early thirties, Gerald Gallego discovered his ideal friend in Charlene. Over a grisly amount of twenty six weeks, their bloody rampage spanned three claims and stated eleven lives.By kidnap, rape, and murder,Within the weird story of control, depraved lust, and murder, R. Barri Flowers informs the test that eventually rough wife against man, their awful crimes and catch, and the entire history a fewis complicated connection.

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