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Sandra Brown - Smoke Screen

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Ny Times-Bestselling author Sandra Brown returns with an account of crime and betrayal, vengeance and change - where friends become enemies, and characters become crooks in the best misuse of power.When newswoman Britt Shelley gets up to locate himself during sex with Jay Burgess, a rising-star investigator within the Charleston PD, she recalls nothing of how she got there,or of how Jay hurt up dead.Handsome and hard-partying, Jay was a hero of the devastating fire that five years earlier had ruined Charlestonis police headquarters. The fire left seven people dead, however the death toll might have been higher or even for the courage of Jay and three other town authorities who risked their lives to direct others to safety.Firefighter Raley Gannon, Jayis life-long friend, was off duty that evening. Although he mightn't have now been a front line idol, he was assigned to lead the investigation in to the reason for the fire. It had been a study he never surely got to finish.

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