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Shteyngart, Gary - Absurdistan (Com) (multi-html)

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“Absurdistan isn't only a novel, but an archive of a specific peak in the real history of human folly. No one is more effective at coping with the move from the hell of socialism for the hell of capitalism in Western Europe than Shteyngart, the great-great grandson of one Nikolai Gogol and the funniest foreigner alive.”–Aleksandar HemonFrom the critically-acclaimed, best-selling writer of The Euro Debutante’s Guide comes the uproarious and touching tale of one very fat man and one very little countryMeet Misha Vainberg, aka Treat Dad, a 325-lb catastrophe of the individual, boy of the 1,238th-wealthiest man in Russia, proud owner of the diploma in modern reports from Unintentional University, USA (don’t actually request), and patriot of no place save the truly amazing Metropolis of Ny. Bad Misha simply really wants to reside in the South Bronx together with his warm Latina partner, but after his gangster father killings an Oklahoma entrepreneur in Spain, all expectations of the U.S. credit are lost.Salvation is based on the small, oil-rich country of Absurdistan, in which an uneven consular official may market Misha a Belgian passport.

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