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Suzanne Brockmann - Time Enough for Love [LS-858]

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    • Added Added: Nov 17, 2022 (2 Weeks Ago)
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Ny Times-Bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann casts a cause of illusion, suspense, and enchantment in this classic story of a lady whose one chance at true love couldn't just form her future but change the span of history itself. Level-went Maggie Winthrop never anticipated her love life to show into science-fiction. A Navy SEAL–trained researcher called Chuck Della Croce appears oneday in her backyard—naked and by having an impossible-to-feel clarification: He's return from the near future in a period machine of their own development to be able to cease terrorist murders from putting waste to America. Maggie sympathizes with all the tough, fine stranger—but could she trust him?Chuck can’t finish this vision of mercy alone. He wants Maggie to make use of all the wiles an attractive woman has at her disposal to persuade his younger self to not produce the technologies responsible for the tragedy.But when Maggie drops for both variations of exactly the same amazing guy, she affects a wrenching option no woman should ever need certainly to experience: depart an enjoy she’s waited for all her life or remain with Chuck and view the near future she wishes to construct with him increase in flames.  

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