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3. Heechee Rendezvous - Frederick Pohl

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"The Heechee are among the wonderful masterpieces of research fiction."Port WilliamsonAfter millennia had passed, Humanity found the Heechee heritage (an unfamiliar tradition that left towards the reative security of the black-hole)--particularly an asteroid filled with autonavigating spacecraft. Robinette Broadhead, who'd led the expedition that revealed the numerous strategies of Heechee engineering, has become compelled once again to create a risky journey into place--where in actuality the Heechee are waiting. And this time around the continuing future of Guy reaches risk,. A SCIENCE-FICTION BOOK CLUB SELECTIONTHE HEECHEE SAGABook One:GATEWAYBook Two:BEYOND THE BLUE EVENT HORIZONBook Several:HEECHEE RENDEZVOUSBook Four:THE HISTORY OF THE HEECHEE

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