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A S Byatt - The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye

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The wonderful title story of the assortment of fairy-tales for grownups explains the unusual and uncanny connection between its excessively smart heroine--a global famous student of the-art of story-telling--and the wonderful being that lives in a mysterious container, present in a messy store within an Istanbul bazaar. As A.S. Byatt renders this connection using a potent mixture of enthusiasm and erudition, she makes the conversation of the natural and the unnatural appear not just effective, but inevitable.The friend tales in this selection each show different elements of Byattis amazing present for enchantment. They vary from myths of erotic infatuation to allegories of governmental misfortune; they attract us into stories which are as enchanting as desires and as bracing as philosophical meditations; and they all us to occupy an inventive world amazing within the accuracy of its depth, its rational consistency, and its splendor."A wonderful handle,.

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