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Alexander McCall Smith - The Double Comfort Safari Club

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Visitors may concur that this touching and remarkable new installment in Alexander McCall Smith’s favorite and best selling collection may be the greatest yet. Within this tale, Precious Ramotswe handles problems of mistaken identification and excellent bundle from the stunning background of Botswana’s distant and impressive Okavango Delta. Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi visit a safari camp to handle a sensitive quest for a former visitor that has left among the instructions a sizable amount of cash. But after they discover their guy, Precious starts to sense that something isn't right. To create things worse, shortly before their starting Mma Makutsi’s fiancé, Phuti Radiphuti, undergoes a devastating accident, and when his cousin goes directly into look after him, she also forces Mma Makutsi from the image.

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