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Alexander Waugh - The House of Wittgenstein A Family at War

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The Home of Wittgenstein may be the great tale of the fantastic and heartbreaking Viennese family whose customers included a well-known thinker and the world's best one-approved traditional pianist.The Wittgenstein family was one of the richest, most accomplished, and most odd in Western background, kept together by a crazy love of audio however ripped apart by cash, chaos, issues of devotion, and the trauma of two world wars. Of the eight children, several committed suicide; John dropped an arm in the battle and yet stubbornly pursued a musical career; and Ludwig, the peculiar youngest boy, has become seen as among the best philosophers of the twentieth-century. Alexander Waugh, writer of the acclaimed memoir Men and Kids and herself the offspring of the well-known and peculiar family, informs their baroque story with a richness to competing Jones Mann’s Buddenbrooks. 

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