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Alisa Sheckley - Moonburn

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Some instincts are also effective to deny.In yesteryear year, vet Abra Barrow has been through some significant improvements: She’s left Manhattan for the deceptively peaceful small-town of Northside, ditched her cheating spouse, and unearthed that he's afflicted her with all the uncommon werewolf disease. Today Abra is finally just starting to feel like she's her life under control–except the moon is full.But then, all a sudden once, Abra begins dropping her temper–and her inhibitions–even once the sun is perfect. Her new guy, shape shifting fauna specialist Reddish Mallin, appears to learn more about her situation than he’s allowing on, but he’s only a little busy with unusual animals which have been bridging the dimensional edge. With her hormones in overdrive, Abra discovers himself delivering the animal in most the males around her.

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