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Allen Ginsberg - Reality sandwiches

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“Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten pages for year own joy.” A lot of Ginsberg’s most well-known poems.Wake-up dreams in Lower East Side, musings in public places collection, over the U.S. in desire car, drunk in old Havana, brooding in Mayan ruins, intercourse daydreams on the West-Coast, plane eyesight of Iowa, lonesome in a leafy pad, meal time on Berkeley, ale notations on Skid-Row, slinking to Mexico, published this yesterday in London, back on Times square thinking of Times Square, bombed in Nyc again, mad tunes while in the dentist chair, yelling at old poets in South Usa, aethereal zigzag Poesy in orange accommodation in Peru—a wind up book of desires, psalms, diary enigmas & naked moments from 1953 to 1960 verses spread in fugitive publications below gathered.

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