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Alternative Hero (v5), The - Tim Thornton

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In this comic, extremely lively first book, Clive Beresford is just a failed audio fanzine writer in his early thirties who worries that his best days are behind him.  The turning-point came when Lance Webster, the lead vocalist of Thieving Magpies, the group that Clive is preoccupied with, self-destructed on-stage before his eyes.  Decades later, Clive has found that Lance has moved in down the block.  Eager to satisfy him, but more frantically anxious, Clive concocts an ill-advised, booze-supported plan to befriend Lance and property an “earth-shattering exclusive” meeting that may restore each their careers.  With the tale Moving between Clive’s lifestyle-altering Magpies past and his frenzied present, Ricky Thornton has created a warm-hearted, uproarious watch of hero-worship, companionship, and the entire -boost energy of audio.

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