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Amon Bieste - [Latharian 01] - Latharian Review [EC Aeon]

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Admiral Corral Melhen is trapped between a rock and a hard place…well, three hard locations. She's delivered aboard the spacecraft Ecker3 to examine the three Latharian guys returning from the mission to Planet. Her chef, Therapist Aves, way to have her educated by these sensuous aliens to become his servant. Aves does not rely on her slipping for Chief Ihjon Sleece and his two crewmen nor does Aves recognize that she likes working out she undergoes for the many times she's aboard their little spacecraft.While the counselor strategies to drive her to submit to his unwelcome sexual advances, Corral includes a program of her own — one that can possibly take away the counselor from placement to tip over her or that might backfire and keep her at his menacing whim.

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