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Amy Sackville - The Still Point

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In the turn of the twentieth-century, Arctic explorer E Mackley sets out to achieve the North Pole and disappears in to the frozen scenery with no track. He results in a wife, Emily, who awaits his return for ages, her desires and commitment progressively cold into firm widowhood.A century later, on a blistering mid-summer’s evening, Edward’s great-grand-niece Julia goes through the old family home, trying to impose some order on the litter of inherited possessions and recollections from that ill-fated journey, and taking care to disregard the deepening splits within her own relationship. But as morning becomes evening, Julia makes a breakthrough that splinters her long-held picture of Ed and Emily’s romance.The Nevertheless Stage slaloms through past, present, and future, with desires exposing a common simultaneity for the options we ought to all create in the people of love and enthusiasm. Long-listed for the Orange Prize, The Still Point is just a strong fictional debut, well told in the language of one's heart.

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