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Andre Aciman - Harvard Square

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A strong story of love, companionship, and getting National in overdue ’70s Cambridge in the best-selling novelist.André Aciman has been praised as "the most exciting new fiction writer of the twenty-first-century" (New York magazine), a "brilliant chronicler of the disconnect…between who we're and who we want we may have been" (Wall Street Journal), and a writer of "fiction at its most very fascinating" (Colm Tóibín). Today, together with his third and most ambitious book, Aciman provides a stylish and effective account of the earnings of assimilation—a shifting account of an immigrant’s appreciated childhood and the almost overlooked expenses and sacrifices to become an American. It’s nov 1977, and amid the beautiful, leafy avenues of Cambridge a Harvard graduate student, a Jew from Egypt, wishes significantly more than anything to become an assimilated American and a teacher of literature. He spends his nights in a pleasing cloud of seventeenth-century hype, nevertheless when he meets a bold, charming Arab cab-driver in a Harvard Square restaurant, anything changes.

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