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Andrea Gillies - Keeper One House, Three Generations & a Journey Into Alzheimer's

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Five years back, Andrea Gillies— author, wife, and mother-of three—seeing that her spouse's parents were struggling to deal, asked them to maneuver in.  She and her recently expanded family moved into a large Victorian home on a remote, windswept peninsula in the far north of Scotland, abandoning their buddies and all that was common;  wishing to locate a new life, and new motivation for function. Her mother-in-law Nancy was in the centre stages of Alzheimer's Disease, and Owner graphs her journey into dementia, its effect on her character and her household, and the writer's studies into what dementia is.   Whilst the hold of her disease tightens, Nancy's understanding on anything we think about as regular unravels before our eyes. Journal records and balances of discussions with Nancy monitor the sluggish unravelling.  The trip is marked by isolation, disappointment, fatigue, and unforeseen dark humor. For the writer, who understood little about dementia first, the training curve was higher than she might have thought.

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