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Andrea Levy - The Long Song

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Finalist for the 2010 Male Booker PrizeThe Ny Times Book Review Notable Book of the YearIn her follow up to Little Area, winner of the Whitbread Book of the Entire Year Award and the Orange Prize for Fiction, Andrea Levy once more reinvents the historic story. Informed in the irresistibly personal and willful speech of Neglect July, with a few content the help of her child, Thomas, The Long Tune reaches once interesting, rebellious, and surprising. The kid of the discipline servant about the Amity sugar plantation in Jamaica, July lives with her mom until Mrs. Caroline Mortimer, a recently adopted Language widow, chooses to maneuver her in to the wonderful home and rename her “Marguerite.” Together they survive through the soft Baptist Battle and the crazy and disorderly end-of captivity.

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