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Anna Sheehan - A Long, Long Sleep (ARC)

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Rosalinda Fitzroy hasbeen sleeping for sixty-2 yrs when she's woken with a kiss.Locked absent within the chemically-induced sleep of the stasis tube in a neglected sub-cellar, sixteen-year-old Flower slept straight-through the Dim Occasions that murdered thousands and totally transformed the planet she knew. Today her parents and her first love are long deceased, and Rose -- praised upon her awareness whilst the long-missing heir to an interplanetary kingdom -- is forced alone right into a future by which she's considered whether fanatic or perhaps a threat.Desperate to place yesteryear behind her and adjust to her " new world ", Rose finds himself attracted to the boy who kissed her conscious, wishing he might help her to begin clean. Nevertheless when a life-threatening risk jeopardizes her delicate fresh existence, Rose must confront the ghosts of her past with open eyes -- or be left without the potential whatsoever.

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