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Annabelle Gurwitch - You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up

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In this amusing and fundamentally moving memoir, comics and real life married couple Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn show that in union, all that's necessary is love—and a healthier dosage of worrying, codependence, and pinot noir. After thirteen years to be married, Annabelle and Jeff have discovered “We’re simply not that into us.” In the place of quitting, they’ve kept their connection together by dismissing traditional knowledge and cultivating deficiencies in closeness, by utilizing nurturing as a competitive activity, and by falling out-of partners treatment. The he-said/she-said share of the extreme but caring relationship contains an account of the odyssey after their baby son was identified as having VACTERL, an extremely unusual number of birth defects that their household started upon. Annabelle and Jeff’s unforgivingly uncooked, uproariously amusing tale will certainly hit both fun and horror in the minds of partners (as well as each person who is considering the connubial state). Serving up identical parts candor and cynicism, You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up is just a laugh-out-loud should-read for everybody who has arrived at recognize that being “in love” can just only get you so far. On CohabitationHe says: “Within times of Annabelle’s appearance, I became quite conscious that she required isolation and had the cleaning routines of the feral animal.”She says: “The person had some kind of nudity radar. When I'd take my clothes off for a minute, Rob would maintain front of me entertaining as though he’d obtained package seats at Fenway Park.” On SexHe claims: “I wish to have intercourse every single day, but Annabelle just really wants to get it done once per week.

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