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Anne Perry - Brunswick Gardens

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2 cassettes / 3 hoursRead by Donald McCallumLike the truly amazing Victorian writers whose layer she wears with such difference, Anne Perry produces a rich and personal earth and fills it with extremely vibrant people who go through the majesty--and disgrace--of the British Empire at its amazing peak. Today, in Brunswick Landscapes, she examines the questionable delivery of the viewpoint that inflamed hot discussion--and perhaps murder.A millennium ago, Charles Darwin's revolutionary idea of development continued the warpath against it, and the annoyed Anglican chapel rocked the civil world. In a mansion in London's wealthy Brunswick Landscapes, the fight is extreme, as that respected clergyman, the Reverend Ramsay Parmenter, is strongly questioned by his gorgeous secretary, Unity Bellwood--a "new girl" whose feminism and hostile Darwinism he discovers appalling.When Unity, three weeks pregnant, tumbles along the Parmenter stairway to her death, Thomas Pitt, leader of the Bow-Street police station, is practically certain that among the three seriously passionate guys in the home dedicated homicide. Might it have now been the Reverend Parmenter, his fine curate, or his Roman Catholic boy?

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