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Banks, Iain M. - Surface Detail

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It begins in the world of the Actual, where issue nevertheless matters.It begins with a murder.And it'll not finish before Tradition went to battle with demise itself.Lededje Y'breq is among the Intagliated, her designated physique bearing witness to some household disgrace, her existence owned by a guy whose lust for power is without limit. Ready to risk anything for her independence, her launch, when it comes, reaches a cost, and to place things right she'll require the aid of the Culture.Benevolent, educated and nearly definitely ingenious thought it might be, the Tradition can just only achieve this much for anyone. Together with the help of 1 of its perhaps deranged - and most effective - warships, Lededje sees himself planning right into a battle area not certain which part the Tradition is truly on. A battle - raw, far-reaching - has already been flaming inside the electronic areas that shop the spirits of the deceased, and itis going to emerge into reality.It were only available in the world of the Actual and that's where it'll finish.

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