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Barb Rogers - If I Die Before I Wake- A Memoir of Drinking and Recovery

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Barb Rogers' guide starts with the sad death of her young son, Jon, and goes in to the terror that was her life to that level. As a result of house existence fraught with material and psychological mistreatment, Barb discovered himself bottomed out more often than once, and destitute across the way."When requested in early restoration if I understood any hopes, the main one I can think about was the kidis evening prayer, 'Now I lay me down to sleep.wi I remembered the long evenings when I merely desired to fall asleep and never wake up."Barb discovered the majority of her life-lessons through misfortune, suffering, and habit, as I considered it. This isn't an attractive guide, it's genuine and it's uncooked. It's not about survival of the fittest, but the fragile, the impossible, the powerless, the genuinely hooked, not simply to materials, but to rage, crisis, reasons, and reasons.

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