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Barbara Freethy - Ask Mariah

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Clients who like books by Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Debbie Macomber will love this intimate and psychological tale by award winning and national best-selling author Barbara Freethy.ASK MARIAH was a finalist in the RITAis for Best Contemporary Relationship. This can be a full-length book of around 100,000 words.From the rear cover: AN UNFULFILLED CENTER -- Joanna Wingate understands something is missing from her life, something she never imagined she'd find in a fine stranger's kids -- naughty six-year-old twin siblings who lookup at her carefully, and contact her "Mama."A SILENT REQUIRE -- Since his wife's accidental death, Jordan Ashton has fought together with his many duties as just one parent to twin daughters who, although they obviously adore him, won't talk to him. He then meets Rose and Lilyis brand-new instructor, and his feelings spin-out of control. For Joanna Wingate may be the mirror-image of his late wife.MARIAHis Miraculous -- Weird chance, a peculiar future, or anything althogether various has registered these four lifestyles.

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