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Barbara Hambly - [Benjamin January 07] - Days of the Dead

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The New York Times comes Barbara Hambly’s books featuring Benjamin January as “masterly,” “ravishing,” and “haunting.” The Chicago Tribune crowns them “dazzling…January is just a beautifully rich and complicated character.” Today the bestselling author returns with a tale leading January in the precariously sensuous milieu of New Orleans right into a world seething with superstition and dim tones, where one man’s independence becomes on the case of killing and body vengeance.Days of the DeadMexico Town in the fall of 1835 is just a lawless area, teeming with bandits and beggars. But an immediate notice from a friend attracts Benjamin January and his new woman Increased from New Orleans for this recently free land. Below they hope they’ll discover Hannibal Sefton alive—and not dangling in the end-of a rope.Sefton stands accused of killing the only real boy of outstanding landowner Don Prospero de Castellon. Nevertheless when Benjamin and Rose get to Hacienda Mictlán, they experience a dirty tangle of relatives, and several believe in youthful Fernando’s homicide.

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