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Ben Kane - The Forgotten Legion

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Occur the late Roman Republic, in the very first millennium B.C.E., The Neglected Legion is just a story of the best empire of the ancient world from the viewpoint of these on the cheapest steps of its society.  Romulus and Fabiola are twins, born into captivity to a enslaved mom who's much beloved by them, and much abused by their proprietor. At 13 yrs old, they and their mother can be purchased: Romulus to gladiator school, Fabiola into prostitution, where she'll capture the attention of 1 of the absolute most powerful men in Rome, and their mother into obscurity and demise within the sodium mines.Tarquinius is definitely an Etruscan, a soldier and soothsayer, created opponent of Rome and educated from the last haruspex in the forgotten disciplines of divination. An errant servant, then an AWOL Legionaire, he's an extended foretold future that will get him to the ends of the recognized world.Brennus is just a Gaul from the Allobreges group. In the fight from the Roman military, his entire household, possibly his entire group, is slaughtered, and just he endures to be bought as a servant to become trained as a gladiator. He rises to become one of the most well-known and dreaded gladiators of his day - and coach for the child servant, Romulus, who desires evening and day of escape and of revenge.The lives of those four people are bound and intertwined in a wonderful tale which starts in a Rome riven by crime, abuse and political enmities, but stops a long way away, where Romulus, Brennus and Tarquinius end up battling from the Parthians and overpowering possibilities - heirs of one of the most renowned fights in Roman military background and meant to become section of one of the most persuasive, Suffering stories:  The Forgotten Legion.

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