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Bertrice Small - [O'Malley 06] - Wild Jasmine

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"SPELLBINDING."--Intimate TimesFrom the palaces of pashas in seventeenth-century India for the scandalous judge of James Stuart of England, one-woman battles against destiny to locate real love,.Princess Yasaman have been endowed with rapturous beauty, fierce intellect, and an innocent sensuality that captivates two solid men--her scheming half-brother, Salim, and her caring husband, King Jamal. But her times of happiness and times of warm interest are broken when Jamal is Yasaman and killed flees to England and the court of James I. Contacting himself Jasmine, she's reunited with her gorgeous mother, Velvet, and her nanny, the renowned Skye O'Malley p Marisco.Before lengthy, Jasmine is swept up in the twisted intrigues of the judge of the Stuart king, James I, where she's respected by the absolute most powerful men in England: Rowan Lindley, Marquess of Westleigh, her good-natured second spouse; the Earl of Glenkirk, who tempts her with unacceptable enthusiasm; and warm-blooded Henry Stuart, prince of England. It's here that she certainly becomes Crazy Jasmine, a lady who loves and lives with intense abandon and who surrenders to the greatest joys of love,.

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