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Blair Bancroft - Florida Knight (Lady Knight)

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When Michael Turcois sibling is hurt in an event in a Medieval Good, the Florida Highway Patrol lieutenant starts their own private analysis and thinks it was not a collision. Which in turn causes him considerable suffering when he's to recruit the assistance of Kate Knight, who's his meal in to the Lords and Ladies of Courage (LALOC), an Old re enactment team. Kate, who hasbeen battling her way to avoid it of misuse for a long time, is similarly shocked. Erika will present as her partner, and she, who has been celibate for a long time, will have to reveal a postage-stamp-size covering with him virtually every weekend before secret of the number of catastrophes at Medieval Festivals and LALOC occasions is solved.Michael has their own issues, locating the realignment to LALOC's Medieval lifestyle, including outfits he can not think he's carrying - and bowing to your seat?

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