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Brady Udall - The Lonely Polygamist A Novel

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A New York Times best-seller: from the storyteller, a very anticipated new book concerning the American family writ large. “Udall well shows the hapless mistakes and heartbreaking yearnings of our other humans.”—San Francisco ChronicleGolden Richards, spouse to four wives, dad to twenty eight kids, is getting the mother-of all midlife crises. His building company is declining, his family has developed into an overpopulated small-dukedom beset with insurrection and competition, and he's completed in with suffering: because of the random death of the child and the stillbirth of the boy, he's arrived at doubt the capability of their own center. Brady Udall, among our best American fiction authors, informs a story of a profoundly devoted guy who, impaired by suffering and the needs of family and work, becomes entangled within an affair that threatens to ruin his family’s potential.

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