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Bruce Feiler - The Council of Dads

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The uplifting tale that moved people all around the globe, The Authority of Fathers may be the lifestyle-changing face of several buddies who provide knowledge, advice, and laughter for just how to live our lives with pleasure and meaning. Confronted with one of life's biggest problems, Ny Times-Bestselling author Bruce Feiler reached out to 6 guys who helped form him and questioned each one for a bit of advice for his kids: how to reside, how to visit, how to query, how to fantasy. Feiler collected their life-lessons, along with some of his own—"Usually Learn how to Handle privately of the Hill," "Embrace the Beast," "Go for a walk with a Turtle"—into a heartwarming, seriously loving book that's influenced visitors everywhere to begin their very own Councils of Parents or Dads. Saturated in warmth and intelligence, The Authority of Fathers is just a single tale that provides classes for us all—helping us draw nearer to our friends, be much more ingenious as parents, and commemorate what is important within our lives.

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