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Bruce Hart - Straight from the Hart (ARC)

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    • Added Added: Sep 22, 2021 (1.7 Yrs Ago)
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Within this fascinating memoir, the very first boy of wrestling ways from behind the shadows of Calgary’s legendary “Hart dungeon” to go over his household and the cutthroat world of professional wrestling. Tales about growing up as Stu Hart’s child and the brother of wrestling figures Bret “Hitman” Hart and Owen Hart present information into this wrestling empire and the close associations with people such as Andre the Large and Killer Kowalski. Describing the increase of the family company and how it had been ruined by Vince MacMahon, how the heartbreaking demise of Owen rocked the family, and what actually happened behind-the-scenes of the notorious “Montreal screwjob,” this gripping tell all additionally offers info on how wrestling must certanly be reserved and the cost steroids and other medications took on these near to Hart. An ideal guide for enthusiasts, this consideration is chock-saturated in inside-the-band tales and wrestling news.

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