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C Shell - [Harlow 02] - Embracing Him [MF]

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*The next guide in the Harlow SeriesAfter discovering Alex's secret relationship to Lexy and working with the conclusion that she's fallen in love with him, Jessica throws herself into her work and goes out of her way of preventing him which turns out to be tougher than she actually imagined.Determined to not allow Jessica out of his existence. Alex brings out all of the stops and manipulates activities in Jessica's life to preserve her near. Only when things are finding out about for both of them and she begins to trust him again somebody unforeseen returns into Jessica's existence creating issues and placing her in harms way.Will Jessica and Alex have the ability to put the past behind them and move ahead or can the past continue steadily to replicate itself and rip them apart?Meant for 18+ visitors because of sexual content and adult language

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