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Cara Black - [Aimee Leduc 09] - Murder in the Latin Quarter

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“Yes, Cara Black followers, Aimée Leduc is back. This is actually the ninth of Black's books concerning the stylish, indomitable Parisian investigator, and it's all the weather Black's visitors came to enjoy: an interesting character with a pleasant sidekick (her small companion, René Friant), police who hinder more than they help, villains with dirty reasons, grisly crimes and, above all, the initial Parisian atmosphere.”-Bay Area Chronicle “No modern author of noir secrets evokes the character of London more than Cara Black in her atmospheric sequence featuring P.I. Aimée Leduc…The courageous, chance-taking Aimée is continually running, hiding, fighting and endangering her life-all while dressed up in classic Chanel and Dior and Louboutin heels.”-Us Today “The ninth secret in Cara Blackis amazing sequence occur Paris…might properly function as the book we have been awaiting. Aimée Leduc, Dark's adorably punkish sleuth, is in her element…One of the vibrant sequence's many panoramic itineraries.”-The Brand New York Times Book Review “Kinsey Millhone made free in Before Sunset…In Leduc’s ninth trip, London, as usually, sparkles in every its gargoyled, messy, cobblestoned glory.”-Entertainment Weekly A Haitian girl gets to work of Leduc Investigator and declares that she's Aimée’s sibling, her father’s unlawful child.

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