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Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan - Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors- A Search For Who We Are

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"Stunning,A banquet. Absorbing and elegantly written, it informs of theorigins of existence on the planet, explains its selection and charaacter, and culminates in a discussion of human character and teh complicated remnants ofhumankindis major past,It's an incredible tale genuinely told."FINANCIAL TIMES (LONDON)Internationally renowned scientist Carl Sagan and recommended writer Ann Druyan have written an ORIGINS for the human species, an articulate and captivating account of how people surely got to function as the way we're. It exhibits with laughter and drama that lots of of our important faculties--self awareness, engineering, family connections, submission to power, hate for all those only a little not the same as ourselves, cause, and integrity--are grounded in the deep past, and lit by our kinship with other creatures. Amazing in its range, amazing in its observations, and a truly engaging study, SHADOWS OF FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS is just a success of well-known technology.

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