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Carol Wallace - Leaving Van Gogh

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In summer time of 1890, in the French village of Auvers-sur-Oise, Vincent van Gogh shot himself in the chest with a revolver.  He died two days later, in the age of thirty-seven, mostly unknown despite having finished over two thousand pieces of art that might go on to become a few of the most significant and appreciated within the world.           In this captivating book, Carol Wallace superbly navigates the secrets surrounding the grasp artist’s demise, depending on careful study to paint an indelible symbol of Van Gogh’s ultimate days—and the companionship that may or may not need ruined him. Informing Van Gogh’s tale from a totally fresh perspective—that of his private doctor, Dr. Gachet, expert in mental disease and wonderful enthusiast of the arts—Wallace we can see the renowned artist as we’ve never-seen him before.  Within our narrator’s eyes, Van Gogh is definitely an amazing problem, a guy whose brain, affected by demons, presents the absolute most potentially rewarding problem of Gachet’s career.  Wallace’s plot brims with suspense and rich emotional perception because it discusses haunting concerns about Van Gogh’s destiny. A masterly, gripping book that examines the buying price of imagination, Departing Van Gogh is just a tale by what this means to reside legitimately, and the limitations and ability of companionship.

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