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China Mieville - Kraken

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With this specific crazy new book, China Miéville has created among the strangest, funniest, and flat out scariest books you'll study this—or any other—year. The London that involves living in Kraken is just a strange city awash in key gusts of fantasy and magic, where crooks, authorities, cultists, and magicians are secured in a battle to create about—or prevent—the End-Of All Things.In the Darwin Centre at London’s Natural History Museum, Billy Harrow, a cephalopod expert, is doing a visit whose orgasm is intended to become the Centre’s reward example of the scarce Architeuthis dux—better referred to as the Giant Squid. But Billy’s tour takes an urgent turn once the squid abruptly and impossibly disappears into thin air.As Billy quickly finds, this is actually the precipitating work in challenging to the death between mystical but powerful forces in a Manchester whose lifestyle he's been completely unaware of so far, a town whose denizens—human and otherwise—are proficient in wonder and murder.There may be the Congregation of God Kraken, a sect of squid worshippers whose origins return to the beginning of humanity—and beyond. There's the criminal mastermind referred to as the Tattoo, a cruel lunatic tattooed onto the skin of the hapless target.

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