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Chris Stewart - Three Ways to Capsize a Boat An Optimist Afloat

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Bob Stewart had an extended and modern listing of jobs.  From a few of the many attractive professions – he was unique drummer in Genesis - towards the more off-beat - a sheep shearer and show artist - he'd done it all…or nearly all.  Then when he's offered the opportunity to skipper a sailboat in the Greek islands one summer, something he'd never done before, he leaps in the chance.  Ever the optimist, Stewart is undaunted by the truth that he’d never really sailed before! So starts the entertaining and crazy activities of Three Methods to Capsize a Boat.  From placing the boat on fire not once, but many times in the Aegean Sea to his not-so-great appearance in Spetses to generally meet the owners of the boat (who claims it isn’t sleek to plow in to the docks as a way of visiting a halt?), Stewart rapidly attracts the cruising bug.  By the finish of summer time, as he's experiencing the dismal prospect of returning to sheep-shearing, he leaps at the opportunity to participate a team to check out Viking Leif Eiriksson’s historical trip over the Atlantic Ocean.  Five weeks on a little sailboat with Eight additional people in the freezing waters of the Atlantic might seem like consequence to many people, although not Stewart!  He takes everything in stride and usually with his unfailing confidence and good spirits.  From coming to terms with the long, chilly evenings at beach and constant food to fighting extreme seasickness and controlling to visit the toilet throughout a huge surprise (a great deal tougher than you’d believe!), Stewart retains his good humor…but discovers, ultimately, that probably the greatest things in life are worth coming ashore for.  Three Ways to Capsize a Ship is travel writing at its finest, crackling with Bob Stewart’s zeal for a lifetime, amazing laughter, and unerring insufficient foresight.  Dried property never appeared more inviting! “Three Ways to Capsize a Boat” is just a enchanting and musical study, awash with the pleasure of discovery, and Stewart is definitely an exceptionally likeable narrator…The crucial to his popularity is his sincere and self-effacing dedication - as mentioned throughout a mid-Atlantic surprise - to reside a satisfying life.” – Protector, UK

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