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Christopher Golden; Tim Lebbon - The Chamber of Ten

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From two experts of black dream comes a chilling story of wonder and ownership, established in—and beneath—fabulous Venice, a city slowly being swallowed by the seas which have managed to get among the miracles of the world.   Geena Hodge is definitely an American archaeologist trying to save Venice’s previous from the encroaching Adriatic Sea. When she and her partner, Nico, uncover the missing collection of Petrarch underneath the Piazza San Marco, they delight not just at the historic importance of the find but at the chance to create global attention—and much-required funding—to their endeavors.But that find quickly results in another, an area hidden deeper nevertheless: the legendary Step of Five, where generations before the key rulers of Venice, within their pursuit of total power, satisfied to piece betrayals and killings. After entering the Step, Nico and Geena are forced in to the middle of an old feud, a dangerous battle of wills and black-magic that threatens to poison the future using the evils of its past.

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