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Ciji Ware - A Light on the Veranda

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REWARD FOR A COTTAGE BY THE OCEAN: "An interesting, attractive, complicated, and intimate book that'll keep visitors up long in to the evening." —Rundpinne A solution might maintain for one hundred years, and then it is time for yesteryear to consider vengeance Daphne Duvallon promised not to go back to the South years ago when she quit her philandering fiance at the church. Today household has called her back once again to Natchez, Mississippi, a town as persuasive and mystical whilst the ghostly sounds that haunt her dreams. From the time once the earliest settlement on the Mississippi was in its zenith and huge fortunes were made and lost, Daphne starts to discover the secrets of an ancestor whose destiny is somehow related to her very own. In a powerful and enchanting story, today Daphne should right the wrongs of yesteryear, or follow exactly the same route into misfortune, WHAT READERS SAY: "A highly satisfying study filled with local color, wit, sexual pressure, ecological problems, and a fun peek into the planet of punk groups." "Wareis weaving of the modern story along side background of the century previous, and the depth and precision she provides in to the story are intriguing."

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