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Cindy Gerard - [Black Ops, Inc 06] - With No Remorse

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Black-Ops, Inc. surgical Luke – Document Holliday – Colter is getting some necessary down-time, making his way over the Peruvian Andes via railroad, when banditos strike the going train in the night hours.  It quickly becomes obvious that theft isn't their intention but the abduction of super-model Valentina, who's travelling incognito while dealing with a public scandal involving her ex-spouse, high-profile People Senator, Marcus Chamberlin.  Luke whisks Valentina off the train in a bold escape but both of these get to be the goals of the persistent manhunt.  Using the assistance of Lukeis BOI teammates, they quickly learn that Val’s meant abduction is associated with a piece place in play by a global weapon smuggling alliance.  The BOI group directed by Jude, with Val along like a required resale, should contest halfway all over the world to circumvent a callous assault that wouldn't only create a disastrous lack of life-but ruin a tenuous peace the UNITED STATES and her friends established in a greatly unpredictable area of the world. 

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