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Col Buchanan - [Heart of the World 02] - Stands a Shadow

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In Farlander, the very first book of one's Heart of the Planet collection, visitors fulfilled Ash, an aging master murderer of the order of Roshun, and his beginner Nico, a child who often were able to maintain the incorrect spot at the best moment. Nico and ash, one with declining health and another with small instruction, were delivered on a suicidal mission to satisfy a commitment from the son of the Sacred Matriarch, the leader of Mann. The murder of the Matriarchis boy preserved the trustworthiness and recognition of the Roshun, but more destabilized a country currently beset by strife. For Ash, satisfying the agreement arrived at a massive individual cost.Now in Stands a Darkness, pushed by rage and despair, Ash embarks on a quest that takes him through the Free Locations and towards the city of Club-Khos.

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