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Crista McHugh - [Soulbearer 02] - A Soul For Chaos

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"This book is better still compared to first one." -- Night-Owl Reviews"A Spirit for Mayhem is another excellent tale by Crista McHugh" -- The Reading Restaurant"I've to express, around I liked the very first book in this series, this one is better still." -- Underworld Adore AddictionWINNER  of the Daphne du Maurier Award and the Bookseller's Greatest Award.Life is boring with no small Chaos.Trouble is significantly more than only a moniker for Arden Soulbearer. It appears to check out her wherever she goes. And nobody understands this much better than her guard, Devarius Tel'Brien.Dev believed that so she can learn to manage Loku, the mayhem lord whose spirit inhabits her body by shifting Arden to Gravaria, life would-be easier. Incorrect.

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