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Daniel Kehlmann - Me & Kaminski

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From the internationally best selling author Daniel Kehlmann, a sexy and wickedly funny book about two unknown men–one an artist and another a correspondent, who together attempt an urgent journey with uproarious results. Being a correspondent Sebastian Zollner’s disappointment is matched only by his personal problems: before he’s is even known by Sebastian been left his partner is moving-in a brand new enthusiast. Trying to find the split that'll receive him in the eyes of his friends, he heads off on a wild goose chase in to the hills to interview the odd, renowned artist Manuel Kaminski, with the wish of composing his biography.Kaminski is certainly going blind and is residing in seclusion with his child. He might be focusing on his next masterpiece or reducing into his closing days, and his sporadic profession raises the issue of whether he's been a scam or a guru.

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