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Daniel Silva - The Kill Artist

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4 cassettes/ 6 hoursRead byGabriel Allon was a vital operative in secret Isreali-intellence missions.  When his spouse and child fell prey to the risk that followed him everywhere, Gabriel quit and dedicated herself to the job of craft restortation-- formerly a cover for his secret missions.  But today Ari Shamron, the top of Isreali intelligence, requirements Gabriel's specific type of encounter to circumvent a Palestinian plot to ruin the peace talks in the centre East.  The builder of the plot, a Palestinian zealot called Tariq, is just a life-threatening section of Gabriel's previous, and in order both start a global game of hide-and-seek, with life and death whilst the awards, the reasons are as individual because they are political.  The tale, by an author who was recognized by Newsday for "Getting new life to the international thriller," features a colourful supporting cast-- such as the Magus-like Shamron, an attractive French-Jewish design who is seeking retribution for her familyis death in the Holocaust, and a marvelously witty down-at-the-heels Birmingham art dealer.  And it offers interesting history detail concerning the Palestinian situation and the cutthroat art world.  All of those components total up to a good and electrically thrilling international thriller.

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