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Daphne Kalotay - Russian Winter

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When Nina Revskaya places her amazing jewelry series up for auction, the former Bolshoi Ballet star finds himself overcome by thoughts of her homeland, and of the activities, both tragic and wonderful, that transformed her life half of a millennium earlier. It had been in Russia that she fell in love and found the wonder of dancing, and where, confronted with Stalinist hostility, a dreadful finding incited a life-threatening work of betrayal—and an innovative escape towards the West. Nina has kept her strategies for half of a lifetime. However now Received Brooks, a curious affiliate in a Ma market house, and Grigori Solodin, a teacher who thinks Ninais gems contain the key to unlocking his past, start to solve her story—setting in-motion a number of facts that'll have life-changing consequences for all of them.

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